Last year, Neil & Bansri approached me for wedding photography for their wedding later this year. Having known Neil & his family for a long time (his mum being my cousin!) I knew straight away, this will be an amazing adventure!

To start their journey, in February they held their official engagement ceremony at The Venue @ Tandoori Nites in Leicester. The engagement ceremony isn’t just about officiating the bride and groom or welcoming each other as the soon to be bride & groom, but it is where two families meet, introduce and welcome each other. It is where two family becomes one.

The day started off with a Ganesh Pooja which was coordinated by Chanda Vyas, who also performed the Gor Dhana & Sava Pancha ceremonies beautifully. Then Bansri made her grand entrance (she looked absolutely stunning!) and made her way to the centre stage where Neil’s family then performed the engagement ceremony (Chundri/Chunni Ceremony).

Neil made his way to the stage and with completion of the ceremony, the formal engagement of Neil & Bansri was completed. What engagement ceremony would be complete without the Groom getting down on one knee for his lovely Bride?! Neil did just that with a roar of applause from everyone who attended!

The day continued with both families mingling and getting to know one another whilst some delicious food was served by the guys at Tandoori Nites. Following a brilliant solo flute performance by Bansri’s cousin & speeches from immediate members of both families – the party began!

Music was provided by DJ Suraj from W@nted Tunez and both families were on the dance floor in full joy celebrating this auspicious occassion for Neil & Bansri. And when you have a party and Gujaratis are involved – you know there will be some Garba!!!

Both families were an absolute Joy to work with, both kind, warm hearted, welcoming and made me feel like a part of their family, I cannot thank the Rughani & Parmar family enough!

Enjoy some of the lovely images from their day below and I look forward to continuing these celebrations in August!

Venue: The Venue @ Tandoori Nites   |   Preist: Chanda Vyas   |   DJ: W@nted Tunez